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Rid your business of pesky pests! Call us for professional commercial pest control service in Brisbane. Whether it is cockroaches, German cockroaches, spiders, or termite infestation, Dale’s Pest Control can provide an effective solution. Here’s why you should no longer wait to call us:

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Pest control services in Brisbane

When it comes to running your business, pest infestation is the last thing you would want to deal with. That’s where Dale’s Pest Control comes in as your companion in commercial pest control and inspection.

Regardless of whether you own a restaurant, office, warehouse, or any other commercial setting, pests can pose a detrimental effect on your business’s reputation as well as profitability.

At our company, we believe pests to be a hurdle in your business’s growth and provide effective solutions to root them out.  So far, we have served numerous commercial establishments throughout the Brisbane region.  Don’t hesitate to call if you’re one of these:

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Which Pests Do We Deal With?

Through our commercial pest control service, we encounter different types of pest that include:

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German Cockroaches

From carrying diseases, and contaminating food, to tarnishing businesses’ reputations, German cockroaches can be a major threat to commercial establishments. Look for droppings and musty odor as signs of infestation.

Dales Pest Control Silverfish


With silverfish in your office, all your valuable documents and products are at risk. Lovers of paper, cardboard, and fabric, silverfishes can pose a threat to the overall hygiene and cleanliness of your business. Damaged books, clothing, and a silvery, fish-like appearance in damp areas are a sign of silverfish infestation.

Dales Pest Control Flea


These blood-feeding parasites can have adverse effects on employees at the workplace as well as customers. Their bites can cause itching and discomfort. If you notice pets excessively scratching in your workplace and observe tiny red bites on humans, it could be a sign of flea infestation.

Dales Pest Control Spider


While they’re not harmful always, some spiders can be detrimental to your business. Signs of infestation include webs in corners and crevices and the presence of venomous species.

Dales Pest Control Termite


Termites are potentially harmful to important documents, infrastructure, as well as furniture in your workplace. Signs of infestation include mud tubes, damaged wood, and discarded wings near entry points

Don't wait until it's too late. Contact us immediately to schedule your termite inspection by experts!

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How Are We Best In Commercial Pest Control And Inspection In Brisbane?

There are many reasons for choosing us for commercial pest control and inspection in Brisbane region. This includes:

Safe & Effective Treatment

We use powerful yet less toxic chemicals in pest control treatment that ensures pest elimination and, at the same time, lets you breathe easy.

Termite Inspection & Certificate

Our comprehensive inspections and certification ensure your property remains termite-free and valuable.

Fast & Reasonable Price

We give fast responses and competitive prices to give you complete peace of mind.

Fully Certified & Experienced

We are highly skilled and experienced experts offering exceptional pest control and inspection services in Brisbane to protect your business.

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